The Swiss University Centre for Music Physiology supports teaching and research at Swiss music universities, e.g., through collaborations between several institutions within the framework of larger projects. Institutions such as the Universities of Zürich and Lausanne, the ETH Zürich as well as other research institutions in Switzerland and abroad cooperate on projects since 2002.

The Swiss University Centre for Music Physiology has designed a continuing education study program in music physiology based on the new certificate studies CAS, DAS and the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS). As a result of the Bologna reform process, this extra-occupational study is offered and awarded by the Zurich University of the Arts. MAS-Courses are taught by instructors with engagements at various Swiss music universities. Graduates of the DAS and MAS degree form part of a pool, from which music education institutions choose lecturers for continuing education. Curricula in music physiology, designed by graduates of this study program, have been integrated in programs of various music universities and music schools. Since the foundation of the Swiss University Centre for Music Physiology, numerous continuing education courses, given by internationally renowned lecturers, have been hosted by music universities. These are open to students, teachers and participants of the continuing education study program and are advertised throughout Switzerland. The abstracts of these events can be found on this website.

An internationally recognised, exemplary educational and advisory approach gives students and teachers of Swiss music universities access to counselling at institutions other than their own, with the goal of fostering exchange and facilitating problem solving. The implementation of further curricula for music physiology at Swiss music colleges remains one of SHZM’s priorities. The inclusion of locally available teachers for movement techniques, therapists and doctors is an integral part of this concept.