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For the following suggestions, no English version is currently available.

For further information on a specific topic, please contact Prof. Dr. med. Horst Hildebrandt, or visit the German page to download documentation.

Professional Ear User – Prävention und Therapie von Erkrankungen eines professionellen Gehörs – further education with Dr. Dr. David Bäuchiger and KD Dr. Dorothe Veraguth

International Online-Symposium “Art in Motion 2023 – Motivation” June 2nd and 3rd, 2023 – see flyer here.

Introduction to The Taubman Approach: a blueprint for injury prevention and the development of virtuosity and ease. Further Education with Robert Durso – 11th and 25th of March, 2022

International Online-Symposium “Art in Motion 2021 – RHYTHM!” June 4th and 5th, 2021 – see flyer here.

Symposium “Prävention und Behandlung bei Musikern”, Rhön-Klinikum, Campus Bad Neustadt – 24./25.05.2019

Mental Training for Everyday Professional Use in Music – further education with Prof. Dr. Horst Hildebrandt und Judith Buchmann – 30.03.2019

Practice Methodology and Attentional Processes in Music Performance – further education with Dr. László Stachó (Budapest)

Objective Criteria for the Individual Selection of a Physiologically Advantageous Violin Position – further education with Dr. Oliver Margulies – 03.12.2018

Attentional Focus on Stage: How Mistakes Occur or How they can be Avoided – further education with Prof. Dr. Adina Mornell (Munich) – 20.04.2018

What Is Modern Voice Diagnostics? – further education with Dr. Jörg Bohlender – 29.05.2015

Fascinating Fascia – further education with Dr. Robert Schleip (Ulm) – 16.1.2015

What Musicians Can Learn From Magicians – further education with Helmut Wiegiehser – 24.5.2013

The Larynx and its Physiological Interaction While Singing – further education with Johannes Michael Blume – 20.4.2012

Symposium “Music and Health”. Berne University of the Arts – 29.4.2011

Comparing Performing Hands – further education with Oliver Margulies MA, MAS Music Physiology – 20.01.2011

Neurophysiology of Motor Learning in Music-making (singing) and Dancing – further education with Dr. rer. nat. Dipl. Psychologist Victor Candia, March – May 2010

Understanding Musicians’ Hands/Music Physiology, Looking back, looking ahead – further education with Prof. Dr. Christoph Wagner and Ulrike Wohlwender – 16.10.2009

Power from within the Body’s Midst – further education with Benita Cantieni – 1.11.2008

How Fear Enters the Head and Can Be Done Away With Again – further education with Dr. med. Joe Hättenschwiler – 5.4.2008

Musical Training of Respiration and Bodywork in the Instrumental teaching setting – further education with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rüdiger – 10.12.2007

Neurosciences and Music Pedagogy in an Interdisciplinary Dialogue – further education with Dr. rer. nat. Dipl. Psychologist Victor Candia – 10.12.2007

Introduction to Spiral Dynamics for Musicians – further education with Dr. med. Christian Larsen, founder of the Spiral Dynamics method – 27.1.2007

Prevention and Therapy of Focal Dystonia – further education with Laurent Boullet – 16.6.2006

Inauguration of the the SHZM – Hand and Instrument – Speaker: Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Wagner – 9.5.2006