The Swiss University Centre for Music Physiology  is a partner to the following research projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF):

Objective Criteria for the Individual Selection of a Physiologically Advantageous Violin Position

This project received additional funding from the Ernst Göhner Stiftung. For more information, click here.


Hildebrandt H (2018) „Gelingen und Gesundheit im Instrumentalunterricht – Physiologische Aspekte von Bewegungslernen und Körperwissen“. In: Rüdiger W (Hg.) Instrumentalpädagogik – wie und wozu? (Üben & Musizieren) Schott, Mainz 2018: 187-206

Hildebrandt H (2017) “Aktives Musizieren bei Jugendlichen – Spezifische Aspekte des Schülers, des Studierenden, des angehenden Profis, des Solisten”. In: Schriftenreihe Band XXIV der Psychosomatischen Klinik Bad Neustadt (Ed.) Ressource Musik – Der Musiker im Mittelpunkt. Bad Neustadt 2017, S. 181-196

Hildebrandt H/Margulies O/Nemcova M (2017) “Violinspiel erleichtern. Ein Zürcher Forschungsprojekt liefert erste wissenschaftlich fundierte Ergebnisse zu individuell geeigneten Violinpositionen”. In: Schweizerische Musikzeitung 20 (11/2017): 54

Hildebrandt H/Margulies O/Köhler B/Nübling M/Verheul W/Nemcova M/Hildebrandt W (2016) “Objective Criteria for the Individual Selection of a Physiologically Advantageous Violin Position”. In: Musikphysiologie und Musikermedizin 23 (3/2016): 145-146

Hildebrandt H/Margulies O/Köhler B/Nübling M/Verheul W/Nemcova M (2016) “Objective Criteria for the Individual Selection of a Physiologically Advantageous Violin Position”. In: Documentation of the T4X – Symposium Munich 2016. (2016): 52

Toward a Science of Music Performance: Interdisciplinary Research on Task-Specific Movement and Learning Parameters in Professional Musicians

For further information, click here.


Kusserow M/Candia V/Amft O/Hildebrandt H/Folkers G/Tröster G (2012) “Monitoring Stage Fright Outside the Laboratory: An Example in a Professional Musician Using Wearable Sensors.” In: Med Probl Perform Art 27(1) (3/2012): 21–30

Kusserow M/Hildebrandt H/Candia V (2013) „Das Lampenfieber unter objektiver Beobachtung“. In: ESTA Nachrichten  (2012): 3-5


Completed Research Projects:

Hidden Arm and Hand Characteristics of Percussionists

Hildebrandt H/Margulies M (2018) “Creative Ergonomic Solutions for Musicians – Scientifically Based Examples from the Zurich Centre for Musicians Hands (ZZM)”. In: Documentation T4X2  Symposium München 2018: 50-51 (ISBN 978-3-00-059760-2)

Nemcova M/Margulies O/Hildebrandt H (2018) “Hidden Arm and Hand Characteristics of Percussionists”. In: Documentation T4X2  Symposium München 2018: 69 (ISBN 978-3-00-059760-2)

Prolonged Performance-related Psychophysiological Activation in High- and Low-anxious Music Students

Project leaders: Patrick Gomez, Carole Dessimoz

Collaborators: Brigitta Danuser, Horst Hildebrandt, Regina Studer

The aim of this research project is to monitor psychophysical functions in musicians in the days before a public performance. The project lays emphasis on the connection between long-term stress parameters and performance anxiety symptoms. By conducting this research, a further contribution is made to the prevention of performance anxiety and a constructive coping strategy. Aside of cardiorespiratory basic parameters, stress hormones and their daily profiles will be monitored in the stage environment. The collected data will be compared with subjectively perceived physiological activity. The project is conducted as a joint venture of the Lausanne University and the Swiss University Centre for Music Physiology SHZM. The Swiss National Science Foundation SNF will be funding this project for the duration of three years.


Studer R/Nielsen C/Klumb P/Hildebrandt H/Nater U/Wild P/Heinzer R/Haba-RubioJ/Danuser B/ Gomez P (2019) „The mediating role of mood in the relationship among sleep, perseverative cognition and subjective health complaints in musicians.” In: Psychology & Health,

Gomez P/Nielsen C/Studer R/Hildebrandt H/Klumb P/Nater U/Wild P/Danuser B (2018) „Prolonged performance-related neuroendocrine activation and perseverative cognition in low- and high-anxious university music students.“ In: Psychonoeuroendocrinology 95 (2018): 18-27

Nielsen C/Studer R/Hildebrandt H /Nater U/Wild P/Danuser B/Gomez P (2017) “The relationship between music performance anxiety, subjective performance quality and post-event rumination among music students”. In: Psychology of Music  2017, 1-17. DOI: 10.1177/0305735617706539 and Printed version: Psychology of Music  46(1) (1/2018): 136-152

Clarinet Sound – Attempting a Physiological Analysis 

Further information can be found on the website of the Lucerne Music College here. (Information available in German only)

A report about this research project produced by Swiss Television SF DRS can be found here. (TV production in German)

The article’s abstract (German only) is available here, the print version of the article (German only) here.

Stress Factors and Strategies for Solutions in Music Students

Joint project of the Swiss music colleges of Basel, Lucerne and Zurich

Longitudinal study based on standardized scales examining profession-related health problems (physical and psychological), workload coping strategies as a music student, patterns of behavior and experience during work and general attitude toward the students’ own health and preventive activities.


Hildebrandt H / Candia V / Nübling M (2009) “Evaluation gesundheitlicher Belastungen und Arbeitseinstellungen bei Studienanfängern an Musikhochschulen”. In: Arbeitsmedizin & Sozialmedizin & Umweltmedizin 44 (3 / 2009): 135

Hildebrandt H / Candia V / Nübling M (2009) “Evaluation gesundheitlicher Belastungen und Arbeitseinstellungen bei Studienanfängern an Musikhochschulen”. In: Dokumentation zur 49. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Arbeitsmedizin und Umweltmedizin e. V. (DGAUM) 2009: 280 – 285

Hildebrandt H / Nübling M / Candia V (2012)” Increment of Fatigue, Depression, and Stage Fright During the First Year of High-Level Education in Music Students.” Med Probl Perform Art 2012; 27(1): 43–48

Link to the article: click here.

Performance Anxiety: Cardiorespiratory Activity in High- and Low-anxious Professional Music Students in a Performance Situation

The SHZM collaborated together with the Lausanne University within the framework of the SNF research project .


Studer R / Danuser B / Hildebrandt H / Arial M / Gomez P (2009) “Music performance anxiety (mpa) : cardiorespiratory activity in high- and low-anxious professional music students before a performance situation.” In: Psychophysiology, 46 (2009): 43

Studer R / Danuser B / Hildebrandt H / Arial M / Gomez P (2011) “Hyperventilation complaints in music performance anxiety among classical music Students”. Journal of Psychosomatic Research Research 2011 Jun;70(6):557-64

Studer R / Gomez P / Hildebrandt H /Arial M / Danuser B (2011) “Stage fright: its experience as a problem and coping with it”. Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2011 Oct;84(7):761-71

Studer R / Danuser B / Wild P/ Hildebrandt H / Gomez P (2014) “Psychophysiological Activation During Preparation, Performance, and Recovery in High- and Low-Anxious Music Students”. In: Applied
Psychophysiology and Biofeedback 39(1) (3/2014): 45-57 (online published 30th of January 2014)

Further information can be found here (scroll down for English).